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Let us bring our expertise to you.

We offer a range of aquatic health-related services.

One of the unique and innovative aspects of our services is the ability to deliver custom Best Practice Programs for any segment of the lobster chain-of-custody. These Best Practices can be designed to maximize quality and animal welfare, two crucial elements in the sustainability of any industry, that are often lacking.

Maximizing lobster health throughout the chain-of-custody will result in maximizing lobster quality. And financial return

Our consulting services include:

  • Site visits
  • Problem assessments
  • Field sampling
  • Post-mortem examinations
  • On-site and remote diagnostics
  • Disease outbreak investigations
  • Therapeutic and prophylaxis approaches
  • Water quality sampling
  • Aquatic health related recommendations & advice
  • Data analysis
  • Letters of professional opinion
  • Third party assessments
We can create health management programs specific to your needs to monitor the quality of lobsters prior to, during, or after holding. We can help you develop and implement sustainable lobster or finfish health strategies aimed at ensuring minimal environmental impacts.

We also offer custom training & education programs. Because the seafood and aquaculture industries are growing industries, there is a continual need for up-to-date information.  We are able to offer quality training to government representatives, fishery biologists, fish farmers, lobster buyers & pound operators, processors, harvesters, and retailers, on issues of primary importance to their daily operations.  We can also train and educate their clients to help maintain the maximum quality possible for their live and/or fresh products.

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